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Since 1993 CCEC is working on the awareness and conservation of the Bangladesh Sundarbans, UNESCO declared World Heritage site by preparing conservation education materials such as leaflet, poster, booklet, video and conducted environmental education training of the primary school teachers over 1000 teachers by using the education materials and by demonstrating video CD on cultural folk pot songs by engaging local cultural team. Another ways and means of awareness and conservation of the Sundarbans is by conducting sustainable harvesting training of the Sundarbans resource harvesters, the bawali, mawali and jellay through conservation dialogues/trainings and pot song demonstration. One of the major activity of the NGO CCEC is to build capacity i.e formation of groups and association of the Sundarbans resource harvesters and secure climate adaptive livelihood options by cultivating salt tolerant varieties of Rice and by culturing salt adaptive Fish by the climate vulnerable resource harvesting community following the Group Strategic Approach. Empower the beneficiary target community by opening the bank account of their own and run Scheme Operation aiming to reduce poverty align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) following the rules of Co-operative Society with the philosophy “United we stand taller” and policy advocacy towards reducing exploitation and increased solidarity of Sundarbans resource harvester families.

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