About Us


Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (CCEC) is a nonprofit grass roots environmental NGO in Bangladesh for the protection and sustainable development of coastal ecosystem through local initiatives and participation. Environmental Education Training (EET) for the primary school teachers; Biodiversity conservation involving Sundarbans, UNESCO World Heritage site stakeholders; Community based mangrove regeneration & plantation; Sustainable harvesting of Sundarbans resources and Climate change adaptation strategies are the main activities for environmental awareness raising of the coastal communities. Mangroves restoration along the coastal embankment involving Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) leads co-management approaches. Mangrove based entrepreneurship development involving Sundarbans resource harvesters, the bouali (wood & thatch cutter), mouali (honey extractor) and jellay (fish & crab harvester) is the key to poverty reduction.

Community based sustainable environment development of Bangladesh Sundarbans coastal ecosystems.

Environmental sustainability, rights & dignity and poverty reduction of the climate vulnerable Sundarbans coastal communities through grassroots participation.

Inclusive Sundarbans resource dependent stakeholders, disaster prone coastal communities, women and children, disable person, community empowerment for access rights and justice, humanitarian development, improvement and learning.

The CCEC was originated by following initiatives such as:

  • Growing awareness regarding the conservation of environmental quality in the coastal zone of Bangladesh through sustainable resource management approach

  • recently held seminar, symposium, government document such as Environmental Policy; National Conservation Strategy (NCS)

  • National Environmental Management Action Plan (NEMAP) have raised the issue of the degradation of fragile coastal ecosystems and have recommended for the formulation of strategies for integrated environmental approach in Coastal Zone Management thus local academics, Environmental conservationist, layers and professionals met in several meetings to discuss ways and means to undertake local initiatives to conserve the coastal ecosystems with grass -roots participation.

Finally CCEC was formed on 5 May 1993.